Every year we celebrate traditional events and Hungarian national holidays. We also invite regularly celebrated artists and authors to perform. Our Year-end event was a visit by Santa - and also the Mayor of Guildford - listening to the children perform poems and carols.

​​​​Winner of the prestigious “Hungarian Culture Award in the United Kingdom 2012 and 2018” awarded by the Balassi Institute in London, the Hungarian School and Cultural Association in Guildford (HSCA) provides a forum to celebrate, preserve and promote Hungarian culture through education and a range of exceptional cultural and recreaional events. The HCA became a UK registered charity in April 2011 in a logical and necessary transformation warranted by its
continued and growing success. The HCA aims to establish a strong and authentic senseof community for people with Hungarian connections in Surrey and nationwide. Its mission is to promote Hungarian cultural excellence through activities that embrace Hungarian language, literature, music, art, folkdance and

Objectives and Activities:

A summary of the objects of the charity as set out in its governing document: The charity's objects stated in the Articles of Association agreed on 16 September 2009 and accepted by the Charity Commission are as follows:

(1) To advance the education of the public in the subject of Hungarian Culture (language and literature, music, art and craft, folk dance, history, etc.) in particular, but not exclusively, amongst families with Hungarian connections in the Surrey area.

(2)The prevention or relief of poverty, sickness and distress amongst families with Hungarian connections in Surrey or nationwide by providing grants, items and services to individuals in need.
Summary of the main activities undertaken in relation to those objects. 

The charity achieves its aims through regular sessions of Hungarian language and literature, music,  folk dance, history, arts and crafts to children aged 
 and 0-18 years as well as adults. There are also regular classical and folk music and dance and art events open for all people from the wider community.

Members with financial or other disadvantages can participate in activities free or at reduced price to ensure events are open to all. The charity alsoprovides support and advice for people in need and aids personal development and employability through volunteering opportunities and coaching.

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Our mission:

Join us on our events or volunteer with us! 


As often as we can we organise social events: dance evenings for adults, bowling parties for teenagers, excursions for families and much more. 


At HCA many of our members, particularly those who arrived to the UK recently will find practical help and support. Families have forged strong friendships, found a listening ear for their worries or found references to professional assistance.


We are supporting children with Hungarian roots to improve their language skills and we provide an opportunity for adults to learn the language. We also provide for all a safe environment to build self-confidence and social skills through music and dance and regular performances.

Celebrating Hungarian Culture in England

​​​​2023/2024 teaching year enrolment information available on the Events page.

​St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School Horseshoe Ln W, Merrow, Guildford GU1 2SX