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​​Dates  in 2020/21 teaching year:

Guest artists in 2020/2021:

Our Groups and activities:

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  • Folktone Band
  • ​Dumaszinhaz
  • Kolompos Folk Band
  • Kuttyomfitty Ensemble
  • Gryllus Vilmos
  • Ametist Group
  • Kata Imre

Our groups

100 + spaces available in 2020/2021

  • Csiribiri group (0-2 years) (12 spaces) - music and language
  • Bóbita (2-4 years) (24 spaces) music and language
  • Diridongó (4-6 years) (24 spaces) music, dancing and language
  • Ákombákom 6-8 years) (12 spaces) music, dancing and language
  • Kockás fülű nyúl (8-10 years) (12 spaces) music, dancing and language
  • Tini (10-14 years)  (12 spaces) music, dancing and language
  • ECL exam preparation (15-18 years) (6 spaces) language
  • Kazinczy (adults) (6 spaces) language
  • Eszterlánc (folk dance for children) (24 spaces) singing and dancing

Our activities for all ages:

  • Hungarian music and singing
  • Hungarian folk dancing
  • Hungarian language and literature 
  • Hungarian history
  • Hungarian library
  • ​Hungarian traditional art and craft
  • Hungarian cooking
  • ​Hungarian library
  • ​Hungarian traditional play 
  • Hungarian performances
  • ​Hungarian cultural events


Saturdays 10.00 - 14.00

Venue: Hungarian School and Cultural Association

St John Centre Guildford 20 teaching days:

  • 12th and 26th September Teaching days
  • 10th and 24th October Teaching days
  • 14th  and 28th  November Teaching days
  • 5th December Teaching day
  • 9th and 23th January Teaching days
  • 6th and 20th February Teaching days
  • 6th and 20th March Teaching days
  • 10th and 17th April Teaching days 
  • 8th and 22nd May Teaching days
  • 12th and 26th June: Teaching days
  • 10th July End of year celebration


​1st August Boribon picnic 10.30-13.30

​8th August 10.00-18.00 Beach Trip

12th September Autumn Trip 10.00-16.00

5th December XII. "Mikulás" Santa Party 10.30-14.00

5th February VI.Gryllus Vilmos concert 20.00-21.30

6th February VII. Gryllus Vilmos concert and

"Farsang" 10.30-14.00

10th April Visit to London - Natural History Museum trip 10.00-16.00

29th May: Childrens' Day Trip to Alice Holt Forest 10.00-16.00

24th July Beach Trip 10.00-18.00

V.Kolompos Children's concert and dance event

I. Comedy Evening with Badár Sándor and Janklovics Péter

​XIII. - XVI Hungarian Folkdance Events

Fees for 24 occasions:

including participation on lessons, free play session and library usage, participation in events, free teaching resources, usage of folk costumes, participation in performing opportunities

0-3 months: free

3 month to 1 year  £119
1-3 years £137
4-6 years £165
7-18 years £175
Adult Hungarian groups £350
From 3rd child: free

​Membership fee for new families £25/family

For further information on discount please email to
Payments to 
Hungarian Cultural Association,
Guildford at Lloyds TSB, sort code 30-93-74 account number 40451860

New families are welcome!

​The Team of HCA Guildford