Margaret Oliver

Chairman of the British Kodaly Academy with 23 years of experience in teaching music for young children

Our Team

Our team of four Trustees looks after the sound management of the organisation and seeks new opportunities for development and growth. Over 20 volunteers assist them in the running of the regular sessions and events.

Our Teachers

Our teachers and group leaders run their respective groups with enthusiastic dedication, appropriate professional background and experience. All group leaders and volunteers speak Hungarian as a mother tongue, have an Enhanced DSB check as well as references, and regularly take part in trainings.

Dr Beata Paszthy

Director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre in London 2012-2015. A leading child psychiatrist by profession, she has extensive experience in the promotion of Hungarian culture.

Dóra Balzsek - Dixon Library Manager

Péter Tóth

Hungarian Language Teacher

Niki Cseh

4-5 years old group leader

Maria Chambers

Colourstings Kindergarten and Language Teacher for Children 0-5 years old

Our patrons

Our teachers

Our objectives

Our Patrons

Our patrons provide us inspiration and professional support. We can access their music and methods to use in our teaching, they provide  personal connections, recommendations and advice.  They also visit us in Guildford from time to time, creating wonderful atmosphere and lasting memories for our members and guests.

Our Trustees

Katalin Hegedüs

Dóra Blazsek - Dixon

Andrea Norman - Walker

Mária Chambers

Veronika Marek

Jozsef Attila prize winner writer and graphic artist famous for her children's books

Vilmos Gryllus
Kossuth and Prima Primissima prize winner musician, performer and composer

Katalin Vincze

Hungarian Language Teacher for 

8-18 years old and adults

  • Supporting Children with Hungarian roots to improve their language skills
  • Providing a platform for adults to learn the Hungarian language
  • Preserving and maintaining the Hungarian culture for those living in the UK
  • Giving support to parents who are raising bi-lingual children
  • Supporting Hungarian families who have recently moved into the area

Kolompos Folk Ensemble

Childrens' folk dance and music group 

Ilona Gallne Groh - Forrai Katalin prize winner, music teacher and creator of the "Ringato" methodology

Katalin Hegedus

Hungarian Teacher for children 

5-8 years old